Adios, 2023!

Jen Wilking
2 min readDec 31, 2023
Winter forest with snow-covered road and sunlight shining through
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All years have highs and lows, but 2023 hit the extremes.

From an ICU bed in Colorado to the top of the dome in Florence. From throwing up in a park in Rhode Island to watching the sun drop into the ocean from a little town in Spain. It was a doozy.

2023 gave big moments and amusing anecdotes, but like all the years, it was filled with little moments and simple things. Time with loved ones. Hot tea on my porch swing. Good books and delicious food. It also brought a renewed love of teaching yoga and meditation.

These practices are beautiful on their own. I love to enjoy them as both a student and a teacher. Teaching guided meditation is nearly as relaxing as practicing it. If it were just exercise or just stress management, that would be enough.

But both yoga and meditation showed up for me in a big way this year. Knowing how to breathe to calm down. Learning to trust. Asking for help. Having difficult conversations. Being open to what is (even if I don’t like it). Finding balance and courage. These are skills that I’ve developed over time.

I haven’t arrived. Sometimes I fall and fail. But I get back up and keep showing up.

I love deep conversations and learning new things. And when I learn something worth sharing, I want to share it.

So, that’s what I do. I teach a meditation series that’s full of things I’ve learned and am learning. We move our bodies and filter the noise. We get clear on what matters to us. We challenge the critical messages that play on repeat in our heads. We gather tools for physical and mental health. We talk about emotions, obstacles, and a sense of peace that doesn’t depend on which way the wind is blowing.

This is Meditation Meets Action.

What I want to say about the program is this: JOIN! YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Seriously, there are people who take it over and over again. The content, the conversation, the meditation…it’s magic. I’ve curated some amazing resources for you — books, podcasts, articles, Ted Talks, and more.

In addition to live meetings, you’ll get weekly summaries of the content, recordings of the guided meditations and yoga classes, and a Marco Polo group for connection between sessions.

We begin January 2nd. Use the code HAPPYNEWYEAR to save $100. 🎉



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